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The use of tanning bed body stickers in tanning beds is increasing at a phenomenal rate.  Though tanning bed etiquette of old decreed that any imperfection in the total surface of the tan was taboo, today keeping a portion of the body its original tone is seen as a status symbol.  People are using tanning bed body stickers to keep a well defined small portion of the body its original tone much as others use tatooing. 
These tanning bed stickers show the progress of your tan between sessions and come in many fun shapes and sizes from hearts and smiles to lips and the all new Fleur De Lis .  Almost any shape can be found to describe your personal identity and they show that you have enough money to afford regular tanning bed sessions. 
Though we have built our business on tanning bed stickers that is not our only product. We also offer an increasing variety of other indoor tanning bed supplies. Our flexible tanning bed signs are made of a thinner acrylic that flexes when stepped on, so no more constant replacing of broken bed signs. The tanning bed acrylic pillows are more comfortable that you might think. They are very sanitary and come in a beautiful array of candy colors. Alos our new solid foam tanning bed pillows are made to last, they never fade or crack.
We will continue to add new products so please check back with us on a regular basis for an updated inventory for all your tanning bed needs.


Today's Specials

ETS E1 32 lamp bed
MSRP: $5,995.00
Price: $3295.00, e1 w/ 111 hrs
ETS E1 32 lamp bed
electronic ballasts save energy Attractive accent lighting Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe 7 foot, curved tanning surface Quick Clip™ acrylic removal system Biotech™ tunnel design High-tech digital timer Tmax compatible, 20 min bed, 20 amp
Metallic Tattoos-Assorted Designs
MSRP: $9.99
Price: $5.95
You Save: $4.04 (40 %)
Metallic Tattoos-Assorted Designs
Temporary Metallic Tattoos a fun and unique way to accessorize any outfit for a glamorous look that can be changed as often as you change you mind. Apply and go!! Wil last about 3-7 days.
Sundome 548V 2009
MSRP: $9,995.00
Price: $5995.00-2009 Sundome 548V, 10 min
Sundome 548V 2009
The SunDome 548V is a specially designed tanning booth shaped to place your clients at the center of tanning intensity so they are being evenly showered with bronzing, all-over tanning power. Overall Size: 42"D x 96"H Minimum room 6' x 6'
Tanses 32/2F
Price: $3,995.00
Tanses 32/2F
Triple Heart Body Sticker Roll
MSRP: $17.95
Price: $5.75 Per 1000 Count Roll
Triple Heart Body Sticker Roll
1.25" Triple Heart body sticker or remove center for a stacked double heart look as shown in 1000 sticker roll.
Twilight Teeth Whitener
Price: $49.00
Twilight Teeth Whitener
Whiten your teeth while you tan or with the new LED light included!
Sundome 548V
MSRP: $11,995.00
Price: $4995.00-2004 Sundome 548V, 10 min
Sundome 548V
48 x 160 watt body lamps 10 Min Session Time Built in Digital Timer High Output Body Cooling Fan 2 stereo speakers Standard Certified Pre-owned 12 Month Warranty 60 amps - 220 Volts


Tanning bed stickers can be found at nearly every tanning bed salon and can also be ordered directly from us.  It can be very useful to monitor the progress of your tanning sessions through the use of tanning bed stickers.  In order to get the best results from your use of tanning body stickers, ensure that you will be able to place the sticker in exactly the same place each time that you tan.  Moving the tanning bed sticker around will cause the original location to darken and you will not be able to monitor the progress of your tan and the edges of your design will blur.
Popular places for tanning bed stickers include the lower back (obviously some help is required) and the upper chest areas for women and for men, the arms, shoulders and upper back are very popular.
The new Tantoo stickers are meant to be used with spray tanning though they can be used with indoor or outdoor sunless tanning. Tantoos do not produce a dark image like a normal tattoo, the Tantoo creates a white tattoo after being spray tanned or by tanning naturally. The Tantoos are larger images than normal body stickers.
Of course all of our tanning stickers can be used indoors or outdoors. Always remember when tanning outdoors to apply sunscreen if you will be out for an extended period of time.
Happy Tanning!

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